Brilliant colours for everyone - our quality standards

The registered trademark ASC stands for excellent quality and more than 20 years of experience in the printer accessories business. We trade our products both in Germany and in other European countries. The majority of our products go through a complex recycling and refilling process during which the wear parts of the cartridge are replaced by new products while many parts are recycled and refilled as part of a labour-intensive process. Further products in our range are produced at a Chinese factory as part of a joint venture. All articles are subject to strict quality criteria and are thoroughly tested before sale. 100% of our suppliers are ISO 90001 and 140001 certified.


Alternative or Original?

Whatever you choose, our strict quality guidelines guarantee top quality that is backed up by great customer reviews. However, we are not only first-class in terms of quality, as confirmed by our customers’ high level of satisfaction, but many price search engines have certified that we also feature excellent offers. You can browse our customers’ feedback and reviews on the independent rating portal and seal of quality Trusted Shops. Cheap prices combined with impeccable quality and excellent printing properties are the reason why ASC has so many satisfied customers. See the excellent value for money offered by the products made by ASC-Toner for yourself.

A number of our suppliers’ products have also been awarded the TÜV seal of approval and the Blue Angel for particularly sustainable production. Recycling toner and ink consumables is, generally speaking, the most environmentally sustainable way to produce printer accessories. Our high quality standards in online trading have been certified by the authoritative seals Trusted Shops and The high number of positive reviews from our customers also confirms this. Customer service, quality assurance and competitive savings prices are very important to us.

Whether for companies or private individuals - our alternative products impress customers with their price AND quality

It goes without saying that we always try to offer the best price for all our products and to be able to compete with our competitors. The quality of our products is our top priority, however. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether a company with high quality print requirements or a private individual who needs their printer for less demanding use at home - if the print quality isn’t right, then the cheapest price won’t help you at all! Many of our competitors set the cheapest prices in order to be at the top of price search engine results. We, on the other hand, try first of all to satisfy our customers with our quality while also offering a very fair price for our products. It’s often possible to achieve considerably better printing results by setting specifications for our suppliers in the cent range, for example by using higher quality toner powder rather than the cheapest. Just see our great value for money for yourself.

Purchasing from ASC-TONER - high quality for a low price and without risk!

As we are 100% convinced of the quality our products, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products in addition to legal warranty. You’re on the safe side when placing your purchase at ASC-TONER. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our products, you’ll receive either a replacement or your money back!