At this point we would like to give you an insight into the history and ideals of our company

Stracke Supplies GmbH as operator of the website and owner of the ASC brand has been trading in toner products, toner components and other consumables such as ink cartridges and fax paper rolls for more than 25 years. Initially, our business focused on the wholesale of toner powders, copier toners and recycled toner components. At the end of the 1990s, we started our own production and operated filling plants in Koszalin/Poland and Schmallenberg/Germany. That marked the foundation of a joint venture called ASC (Alternative Supplies & Consumables) with our Chinese partner in 2001, which was also the start of our toner powder production. From then on, we had the opportunity to control and optimise the largest quality hurdle -- toner powder -- ourselves according to our standards. This was followed by the entry into new distribution channels (ebay, Amazon, our own website) and expanding sale to B2C end consumers. Since 2015, our B2B division has been completely spun off into our PrinterSupplies24 unit with its own corresponding webshop. Some of our strengths are highlighted below. In most cases, these are a constant driving force of our business.


We have more than 20 years’ business experience in compatible toners. Quality has always been our top priority. In order to ensure sustained quality we have entered into long-term business relationships with suppliers we trust and know will continuously deliver good and stable quality. This is where we differ from many competitors, who frequently change their suppliers for the sake of the lowest possible price and then have to compromise quality owing to the supplier’s fluctuating reliability.


Stracke Supplies GmbH has more than 20 years’ experience in the toner business. After initially focusing our trade on bulk toners, since 2000 we have had great success in the market with end products such as toner cartridges. Therefore our technical staff in the warehouse have considerable expertise in quality assurance. Moreover, many years of experience in the toner business have led to our excellent knowledge of the market and, as a result, our very good relationships with selected suppliers who can ensure a consistently high quality. The brand name ASC has been a registered trademark since 2001.


Your personal data is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. All collected data will be treated strictly confidentially. No data will be disclosed to third parties.


The rise of global economic growth is associated with an increase in the exploitation of nature. This requires a more responsible use of the natural resources of this unique world. Therefore, in recent years we have increased products in our shop that do not stand in the way of sustainable change in our society. In our shop you will already find high quality recycled cartridges and fine dust filters. We have also supplemented high-quality recycled paper in 2013. Consciously we haven’t any Bio-Toner products in our product range because it is still unclear if a reduction of CO² can be reached through bio-based oils like palm oil. The demand of these substitutes contributes to an increase in deforestation. Furthermore, the quality of bio-based Toner is still unconvincing.


Together with our partner DHL and a modern warehouse with more than 5000m ² of storage space, we can guarantee you fast and cost-effective shipping. If you order with us before 14:00, the product will be dispatched the same day. In addition, we guarantee that our goods are of flawless quality. However, in the event of a justified complaint, it will be dealt with speedily and fairly.

Customer friendliness

Good service to our customers has always been of great importance to us. We are happy to advise you on your purchase. And if it should happen that, despite our high quality standards, you have grounds for complaint, we will try to find a way together with to solve the problem as fairly and accommodatingly as possible.

Technical Information

ASC toner cartridges are high quality remanufactured cartridges of the type "alternative", which have the same printing features as the original. In this way we can guarantee our customers an excellent print quality with these cartridges. Alternative means that the empty toner cartridge is completely disassembled and cleaned. The housing and all wear parts are checked and, if necessary, replaced. On principle, at least the photoconductor drum is always replaced.