Working with ASC-TONER to reduce resource waste!

In addition to doing business in an economically viable way, Stracke Supplies GmbH (SSG) also strives to set standards in the field of environmental sustainability. Global growth and global economic integration are going hand in hand with the increasing exploitation of nature. It is imperative that we manage the natural resources of our world responsibly.

Alternative products by ASC

In recent years, ASC has included more and more products in its range that promote the sustainable transformation of our society. Many of our products are recycled by replacing only the wear parts (e.g. cogs) and refilling the cartridges after thorough cleaning. The main components, such as the toner body, are thus used several times and therefore don’t quickly become obsolete and need to be thrown away.

ECO line products by ASC

We also launched a new series (ECO) in 2014 that stands for 100% recycled quality products (rebuilt) from Europe. Cartridges are recycled and reused in a resource-friendly manner and transport routes are kept to a minimum. As a result, our dealer customers can now decide for themselves whether they want environmentally friendly recycled goods (rebuilt, ECO series) or compatible new products (newly built, ALTERNATIVE series).

We have deliberately chosen not to include organic toner products in our range (at least for the time being). While these only emit low levels of pollutants when using cartridges, they also indirectly cause deforestation in countries of the Global South on account of oil plant cultivation when substituting crude oil for soya or palm oil. We are not aware of any supplier of toner powder that uses only certified soya plants for production. In addition, organic toner products still have significant quality defects (e.g. brightness of the ink output) that do not meet our high standards.